24 January, 2013

Haberdashery heaven

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I drove down to Satwa for a little adventure. 
We made a beeline for Fida, an incredible store that sells everything from gold buttons, to sequins, to shoulder pads. I was in my element, practically running from one tray of shiny things to the next, grabbing one (or five!) of everything that caught my eye and throwing them into a fast-growing pile on the counter. In the end, I left with a multitude of studs, embroidered patches, gems and buttons; a definite success!

So watch this space, a number of fashion DIY projects are on the horizon.

Before heading home, we ordered dinner from this little cafeteria: fresh juices and some of the best (and cheapest!) shawarmas in Dubai. 
Phones through the ages?
One of my Fida purchases, a beautiful hamsa pendant. A perfect gift for my friend's upcoming birthday!

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