09 February, 2013

My stud affair - Episode 2 [Neon clutch bag]

I bought this clutch bag about a month ago in H&M, during the Dubai Shopping Festival, for only 20dhs (~£3.50). It's made out of material that reminds me of a wetsuit, which is kind of strange, but I kinda like it! 

Neon seems to be everywhere at the moment and I'm embracing it whole-heartedly! Well, mostly just this yellow/green neon shade, but still.

Here is how I edited it to make it more interesting...


1. Apply E600 glue to a cotton wool bud (remove the cotton from the end first)
2. Transfer the glue to a stud
3. Place the stud onto your clutch bag and press down hard
4. Repeat with the rest of the studs until your design is complete
5. Leave the glue to dry for 15mins at least

I used studs in two different shades of silver - one light, one dark - although I'm not sure these photos really show the difference between them.

I'm definitely pleased with the end result after stud-ifying this bag - I feel like it makes it look more expensive than it was - but I'm not sure I'm quite finished with it yet. I'm considering covering up the rough edges by sewing slim silver ribbon around it, but maybe that will be too much? For now, this is good enough!

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