16 February, 2013

One weekend, one item, three ways

Perhaps slightly unfairly, I have always associated Marks and Spencer's with being unfashionable and frumpy - it's a place where my Granny shops and where I would only usually venture to to buy food or tights. However, sometimes there are a few items in stock that pleasantly surprise me, like this sheer striped shirt!

Here is the link for it (only in the apricot colour online unfortunately). 
[Also check out how cool this shirt is, I'm definitely going to look for it next time I go to the mall.]

Anyway, this weekend it was pretty much all I wore. Let me explain myself first though, before you think I'm disgusting and never wash my clothes! 

Thursday... I wore the shirt to work (my office has a very casual dress code) and then threw it in the wash that evening.
Friday... I spent the afternoon doing a fashion DIY (see here) in the garden and then was late in getting ready to meet friends for drinks in the evening. I frantically tried on about 10 different outfits before finally deciding that the exact item I needed was the shirt I'd worn the day before! So I pulled it off the washing line (clean!), gave it a quick iron, and was good to go.
Saturday... I woke up far too late, to my friend Joelle calling me and complaining that we were missing out on valuable tanning hours. So I yanked myself out of bed, threw on some shorts, flipflops and the first top I could find, which just so happened to be the one I wore the night before, and headed to the beach! Don't judge.

Thursday // Office 

Jeans: Topshop
Bandeau top (worn underneath): Koton
Shoes: Bershka
Bag: Mulberry 
Earrings and ring: both gifts

Friday // Rooftop bar

These photos don't show it, but there's a high slit at the back of this skirt

Skirt: Vintage
Necklace: H&M (no longer online but may still be in-store)
Wedge heels: New Look (old collection, but they tend to bring in similar versions all the time. These are almost identical to mine, and I'm also really into these.)
Clutch bag: Satwa

Saturday // Beach

Shirt: M&S
Shorts: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Bag: Longchamp 
Flip-flops: Havaianas 
Sunglasses: H&M (no longer online but may still be in-store)

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