31 March, 2013

The weekend, retrospectively {Brunch, new camera, the races}

Friday // A day with both breakfast and brunch

Exhausted after a busy week at work, I stayed in on Thursday night and so woke up early on Friday, full of life and ready for the long weekend ahead. I arrived at the mall before the shops even opened and so sat down at Paul cafe with my kindle, a cappuccino and a fruit salad. Once it was 10am, whizzed around the shops finding accessories for my races dress and then popped into an electrical store to make a cheeky investment buy - the Sony NEX camera that I included in my recent wish list. Yay!

I quickly changed into this dress and these shoes when I got home and headed off to my friend's house for a bbq brunch by the pool. It was such a beautiful day; unlimited laughter, Pimms and sunshine!

My offering of homemade guacamole

Life can't get much better than this!

Saturday // New camera & a day at the races

Here are a few experimental photographs taken with my new toy on Saturday morning...

In the early afternoon, I got all dolled up and headed off the the Dubai World Cup races with this lovely group of ladies...

I didn't take my camera with me (my bag was far too small), so all I have are iPhone photos, but the dress I wore was from Mango and I made the floral crown myself (see tutorial).

It's always such a great day out (prime people-watching/outfit-analysing opportunity) and this year didn't disappoint!

I styled my friend's hair in a waterfall braid with pink ribbon

Sunday // A non-day

Pretty self-explanatory. 
I haven't moved from this position in about 3 hours... and it's been wonderful!

How was your Easter weekend?

19 March, 2013

MANGO dress

So remember how I told you I went to outlet mall at the weekend? Well this is one of the dresses that I bought there. I wore it to work and was far too smart for our super-casual office but I didn't care, sometimes it's nice to just dress up and pretend you're more grown-up than you feel!

Knobbly knees!

Dress: Mango
Blazer: Bershka
Bag: Mulberry

In regards to Dubai Outlet Mall, it's definitely worth the trip down there but be prepared to rummage; I eventually found three dresses that I liked and were in my size but my friend Alexa went away empty-handed. That being said, still I think it's a great place, especially for shoes and accessories, and maybe we were just unlucky. Alexa and I set out with the specific aim of finding dresses for the races and it's always the way that when you're shopping for something in particular, you never find it, whereas when you're not really looking for anything you find everything you like! 

However, one of the three dresses I bought is potentially races-worthy, so maybe it was more of a successful shopping trip than I'm making out! 

16 March, 2013

The weekend, retrospectively

Extended lunchbreak
Thursday night take-out
Dancing on the beach barefoot
Expensive gin and tonics
A much-needed lie-in
One speedy hour by the pool
Afternoon shopping in outlet mall
Cocktails and sushi with my girls at Calabar
Saturday beach, all day beach
Zaatar w Zeit delivery devoured in the afternoon sun
Pink cheeks, emerging freckles
Guiltily skipping yoga class

13 March, 2013

Back to the future

I think I've seen the movie Back to the Future about 50 times, no exaggeration. My brothers and I would lounge on beanbags in our little den room and watch it over and over again, on our VCR player! Our favourites were that and Star Wars (the old ones of course). 

Anyway, when I saw this top in Forever21 I knew I had to have it! They only had size L left in stock but I kind of like that it's baggy. I cut the armholes a bit bigger myself, as I like that whole cut-away sides look - it adds an element of surprise to what looks like a normal tank top from the front!

I wore the top last night, with shiny leggings, to a work event - the Lynx Creative Party at a rooftop bar in Media One Hotel. It was sponsored by Tiger beer, free disposable cameras were given out at the entrance and it was packed full of interesting creative types... exactly my kind of party!

These are a couple of blurry iPhone photos that were taken in a rush before I left the house, sorry for the poor quality!

Top: Forever21
Leggings: Missguided
Heels: Bershka
Bag: Satwa
Necklace: H&M
Lipstick: Barry M (via Missguided) in Vibrant Pink

07 March, 2013

My favourite trousers for S/S'13

Item: ZARA tie-print trousers
Worn with: Stripes - I love mixing patterns at the moment
Trends ticked: Cigarette-shape trousers, ombr√© 

Trousers: Zara (H&M also have a very similar cheaper pair)
Top: M&S
Heels: ASOS
Blazer: Bershka

02 March, 2013

Homemade sweet potato fries


[Serves 4]

2 large sweet potatoes
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 dessert spoon sea salt
1 dessert spoon dried rosemary (fresh rosemary would be even better)
1 tablespoon honey
Black pepper (to taste)


1. Preheat the oven to 170°C
2. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into chunky chips
3. Put all these sweet potato pieces into a glass pyrex dish
4. In a small bowl, mix the remaning ingredients
5. Pour the mixture over the sweet potato chips and toss them around, to coat each one
6. Place the dish in the oven and bake for around 40mins, but keep checking them along the way 
7. Serve hot and with your favourite condiment (mine would have to be mayonnaise yummm)!

The great thing about baked sweet potato is that it tastes even better cold! I used the leftovers the next day to make a simple salad for lunch. 
I just cut the fries up into smaller pieces, placed them on a bed of rocket, threw in some avocado, halloumi cheese and pomegranate seeds then drizzled a simple balsamic dressing over the top and voila! 

01 March, 2013

DIY flower crown

In Dubai we don't really have seasons. Well ok, we have two: pleasant summer and uncomfortable summer, so I was always very envious of people who could experience spring, autumn and winter every year. 

When I moved to the UK to study, I saw my first spring and it instantly became my favourite time of year. Cherry blossom trees covered every inch of our little university town and consoled us, letting us know that the gloomy winter was on its way out, somehow making that looming essay or assignment seem slightly more manageable. 

Look how beautiful it was... 

So anyway, this [Lana Del Rey inspired] DIY is a creative outlet to ease my sadness at missing spring this year! Don't get me wrong, the Dubai climate is really nothing to complain about but blooming seasonal flowers is something i'm pining for right now!

Only 3 things:

A slim hairband (alice band)
Artificial flowers with wire stems (paper/plastic/silk) 


All you need to do is wrap the wire of each flower stem around the hairband, making sure each one is tight and secure.
Keep adding flowers side by side until you have covered the whole top part of the hairband.
Easy peasy!

Every girl should own a pair of wire-cutters!
You can also create a floral hairband using strong glue (try E600), instead of wrapping the wire around, but I found this method easier.

Now all I need is a festival to go to! 
[Please no one remind me that Coachella is next month, it's my dream festival. One day I'll go, one day!!]