01 March, 2013

DIY flower crown

In Dubai we don't really have seasons. Well ok, we have two: pleasant summer and uncomfortable summer, so I was always very envious of people who could experience spring, autumn and winter every year. 

When I moved to the UK to study, I saw my first spring and it instantly became my favourite time of year. Cherry blossom trees covered every inch of our little university town and consoled us, letting us know that the gloomy winter was on its way out, somehow making that looming essay or assignment seem slightly more manageable. 

Look how beautiful it was... 

So anyway, this [Lana Del Rey inspired] DIY is a creative outlet to ease my sadness at missing spring this year! Don't get me wrong, the Dubai climate is really nothing to complain about but blooming seasonal flowers is something i'm pining for right now!

Only 3 things:

A slim hairband (alice band)
Artificial flowers with wire stems (paper/plastic/silk) 


All you need to do is wrap the wire of each flower stem around the hairband, making sure each one is tight and secure.
Keep adding flowers side by side until you have covered the whole top part of the hairband.
Easy peasy!

Every girl should own a pair of wire-cutters!
You can also create a floral hairband using strong glue (try E600), instead of wrapping the wire around, but I found this method easier.

Now all I need is a festival to go to! 
[Please no one remind me that Coachella is next month, it's my dream festival. One day I'll go, one day!!]


  1. No photo cred for those low-quality Durham shots?! Just joking; a lovely reminder of a wonderful day :)

    1. Read the small print, the photo credit was definitely given! It was one of the most beautiful days though wasn't it!