19 March, 2013

MANGO dress

So remember how I told you I went to outlet mall at the weekend? Well this is one of the dresses that I bought there. I wore it to work and was far too smart for our super-casual office but I didn't care, sometimes it's nice to just dress up and pretend you're more grown-up than you feel!

Knobbly knees!

Dress: Mango
Blazer: Bershka
Bag: Mulberry

In regards to Dubai Outlet Mall, it's definitely worth the trip down there but be prepared to rummage; I eventually found three dresses that I liked and were in my size but my friend Alexa went away empty-handed. That being said, still I think it's a great place, especially for shoes and accessories, and maybe we were just unlucky. Alexa and I set out with the specific aim of finding dresses for the races and it's always the way that when you're shopping for something in particular, you never find it, whereas when you're not really looking for anything you find everything you like! 

However, one of the three dresses I bought is potentially races-worthy, so maybe it was more of a successful shopping trip than I'm making out! 

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