31 March, 2013

The weekend, retrospectively {Brunch, new camera, the races}

Friday // A day with both breakfast and brunch

Exhausted after a busy week at work, I stayed in on Thursday night and so woke up early on Friday, full of life and ready for the long weekend ahead. I arrived at the mall before the shops even opened and so sat down at Paul cafe with my kindle, a cappuccino and a fruit salad. Once it was 10am, whizzed around the shops finding accessories for my races dress and then popped into an electrical store to make a cheeky investment buy - the Sony NEX camera that I included in my recent wish list. Yay!

I quickly changed into this dress and these shoes when I got home and headed off to my friend's house for a bbq brunch by the pool. It was such a beautiful day; unlimited laughter, Pimms and sunshine!

My offering of homemade guacamole

Life can't get much better than this!

Saturday // New camera & a day at the races

Here are a few experimental photographs taken with my new toy on Saturday morning...

In the early afternoon, I got all dolled up and headed off the the Dubai World Cup races with this lovely group of ladies...

I didn't take my camera with me (my bag was far too small), so all I have are iPhone photos, but the dress I wore was from Mango and I made the floral crown myself (see tutorial).

It's always such a great day out (prime people-watching/outfit-analysing opportunity) and this year didn't disappoint!

I styled my friend's hair in a waterfall braid with pink ribbon

Sunday // A non-day

Pretty self-explanatory. 
I haven't moved from this position in about 3 hours... and it's been wonderful!

How was your Easter weekend?

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