21 April, 2013

A brief trip to London

Last week I was in London on a whirlwind visit for 6 days. It went too fast, and I took too few photos, but spent valuable time with so many special people, which is the main thing.

I guess the pay-off of having an international education is that your friends end up being scattered all over the world; there's never a time when everyone I love is all in one place. But the silver lining is that I have people to visit all over the world... (this week I am in Zambia!) and I suppose we just have to look forward to the time when we all start getting married - simply for the excuse it provides for parties and reunions!

Anyway, these were the highlights of my brief London trip:

Girly sleepover
Brunch in Shoreditch
Froyo in Topshop Oxford street
The surprise big night out
A sunny lunch with my Granny
Lichtenstein exhibition
Evening at the theatre {One Man Two Governors}
Vintage shopping
Burgers in Soho
Afternoon cider in Leicester square
Emotional last supper!

Being a typical tourist!

Just a random house with a beautiful tree!

H&M necklace

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