06 April, 2013

Hot for hologram

If you can splurge go for the... Proenza Schouler P11 Mini
If you're being sensible buy... Nasty Gal satchel

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen that yesterday I wore this Nasty Gal hologram bag for the first time. I've been seeing hologram on the blogging scene for a couple of months and this Proenza Schouler bag as taken center stage - my favourite example is of Krystal from What is Reality Anyway. But if your purse strings can't quite stretch that far, we're in luck because hologram has hit the high street in a big way. 

As you've probably realised from my "Currently Coveting" widget to the right, I'm a big fan of Nasty Gal,  and now I love them even more for providing hologram goods! I included their hologram shoes in my March Wishlist, but ended up buying this bag instead (although I'm still contemplating the shoes because they are amazing!). It's such a cute little size but still fits a surprising amount in it and, even though its hologram, I have a feeling its still going to go with everything. 
Nasty Gal have a number of other cool hologram bags and shoes so definitely check them out and get your hologram fix!

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