15 April, 2013

& Other Stories

My oh my, I think I’ve found a new favourite clothing brand. H&M’s new venture, & Other Stories, launched one month ago - online and in select European cities - and it is perfection.

Accompanying its beautiful clothes and quirky accessories is an interesting brand rationale. & Other Stories subverts the existing concept of high street fashion; instead of force-feeding you designer styles at lower prices, the store claims to be influenced by real people and real-time fashion. It’s creators looked to street style, social media and fashion bloggers for inspiration and, essentially, what they found was this: women create looks differently today than they have in the past. Instead of blindly following catwalk trends, they take inspiration from multiple sources to mould an outfit that is truly their own. Hence the name… & Other Stories is intended to evoke individual narratives and autonomous creativity. 

With this lofty concept under their belt, & Other Stories offers items that lend themselves to being seamlessly incoporated into a woman’s existing wardrobe, and personal “story”. I love how impeccably designed and curated the collection is; it gives the impression that you could grab any 5 pieces and they would inevitably work together in a very “oh I just threw this on” kind of way. I suppose each woman’s individual style is reflected by which pieces she chooses and how she uses them to enhance her existing look. On that note, although I would gladly buy the entire collection if possible, here are my favourites; these pieces would form part of my story:

{each image is clickable}

Go on, create your own story.

I'm in London for the week and there's an & Other Stories on Regent Street so hopefully I'll make a trip down there and actually purchase some of this gorgeous stuff! 

Apologies for the quietness on the blog recently, I'm visiting friends so don't have internet access for long periods of time. But on the bright side it's been a great opportunity for outfit posts so you've got those to look forward to!

Platform sandals, £79 / 442dhs Lipstick in Green trousers, £39 / 218dhs Silk skirt, £45 / 252dhs Slingback shoes, £79 / 442dhs Crystal ring, £12 / 67dhs Leather clutch bag, £55 / 307dhs Backless top, £29 / 162dhs Strappy wedges, £95 / 531dhs Leather flats, £69 / 386dhs Matte eyeshadow, £7 / 39dhs Leather wallet, £39 / 218dhs Image Map

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