07 April, 2013

Shamal neutrals

This weekend there's been a shamal (sandstorm) in Dubai, which basically equates to extreme heat, dust and wind. Not the most pleasant combination! I was hoping to get a good tan this weekend, so that I could be a radiant golden colour when I arrive in London in a few days time, but no such luck. Oh well, I suppose the silver lining is that had extra time to do all of the errands that I have been putting off and get a few productive things done. 
I also replaced the time I would have spent at the beach by with other enjoyable weekend activities, like going for breakfast with a friend at The Pavillion Downtown this morning and watching old movies at home this afternoon. Got to have a little down time before the week starts again!

These photos were taken this afternoon - you can see that the wind picked up later on as my hair started to fly all over the place! As for the outfit, my favourite item are the leather shorts. I used to wear them with black tights when I was in the UK but I think the colour looks a lot better on bare legs, don't you agree? I'm very into spring/summer leather and these shorts are a very soft alternative to the black leather that's dominating at the moment.

Anyway, the shamal has now turned into a full-on thunderstorm and, as I'm writing this, I can hear rain and thunder outside, which is very exciting in this part of the world and I think I might actually have to tiptoe out onto the balcony to witness it! 
I hope you've all had/are having a wonderful weekend and that the weather is less angry wherever you are!

One of my favourite bags of all time - my granny's leather shoulder bag from The Bridge

Topshop silk shirt - old collection but similar here and here
ASOS leather shorts - out of stock but often listed on eBay e.g. here and here (also look on ASOS for other options and at this pair from Nasty Gal)
The Bridge shoulder bag - similar here 
H&M sunglasses



    are you new in Dubai.. how have I never seen you before?
    Hopefully i'll get to see you around.

    please send me your email.. I would love to include you in an upcoming event I am hosting.


    1. Thanks so much Nadya!

      I'm not new in Dubai - I grew up here but have been away for last 3 years and have just recently moved back.

      My email is rosie@desertrosediary.com... I'd love to hear about the event! x