29 April, 2013

Zambia {Day 5 - Road-side shopping}

Day five was a transition day. 
We left our campsite in Lower Zambezi early in the morning and, after a quick breakfast back at Kiambi Lodge, started driving back to Lusaka. 

^^This is actually an exceptionally good stretch of road for Zambia - most of the time you have to swerve all over the place to avoid potholes. But I guess that made every drive seem like more of an adventure for me!^^

On the drive back we passed these girls...
(Proof that women can multitask!)

And then stopped to buy some sugar cane from this group of photogenic ladies...

^^Girl knows how to pose!^^
∧∧ Possibly my favourite photo of the whole trip ∧∧

We also couldn't resist buying some fruit on the way home...

And I picked up some beautiful chichenge (african fabric) and some fun bright earrings. I have plans to design a few clothes out of the material, i'll show you once they're done!

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in the garden with tea and a good book. We went out that night but it wasn't a late one as we had to get up early for another trip the next day... this time to Victoria Falls! Busy busy.

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