30 April, 2013

Zambia {Day 6 - Victoria Falls}

Amongst my other ignorances about Zambia, before I visited I had no idea how huge a country it is. In fact, it's about the size of France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands combined! So, coming from the tiny UAE, where a one hour drive is considered a long trek, I was surprised by how lightly the Zambian residents regarded sitting in a car for up to ten hours in one day.

Anyway, last Wednesday, after a six hour drive, we arrived in Livingstone at about midday and checked into the Waterfront hotel. It was such a peaceful place, right on the Zambezi river, with a view of the falls in the distance.

This sky is so perfect it almost hurts! Doesn't it look like the kind of typical sky scene that children draw... Big fluffy white clouds surrounded by bright, bright blue.

We made our way down to the falls in the late afternoon, briefly getting distracted on our way their by this talented dance group...

Now, are you ready for it...

Yes I am wearing exactly the same top as in Kiambi but whatever, we were packing light and outfit repeating isn't really an issue out there!

The force of the waterfall is so strong that there's an unbelievable amount of spray given off, especially at this time of year as the water level is really high. If you're looking at the falls from a distance, all you see is the spray rising up into the sky; it could be mistaken for smoke. 

Up close, you basically just get completely drenched!

This is the bridge that you have to walk cross to get to the other side of the gorge and just look at it... its basically just a stream of water! Unsurprisingly, its quite scary to cross - slippery moss covers the path and, suspended above the gorge with only a thin fence for support, you feel both vulnerable and exhilarated.

I ended up looking like a drowned rat afterwards though...

Oh and I spotted some courageous daffodils on the cliff edge...

Unfortunately, no photo or description that I can try to give you will ever actually convey how breathtaking the falls are. But in terms of the impact they had on me, I was honestly completely blown away and at one point felt my eyes prickling with almost-tears. Standing infront of the roaring cascade, completely soaked through, it's impossible not to be made aware of how small you are. Instead of emotionally belittling you though, it kind of makes you feel like a bigger person as a result of the experience, as if everything that was bothering you has been washed away by the powerful deluge. Maybe that was just me, though, perhaps everyone has a slightly different reaction to the awesome Vic Falls.

After one last look at the falls, we reluctantly pulled ourselves away and headed back to the hotel, just in time to catch another dreamy sunset...

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing with a cool drink in the candle light, whilst I started mentally preparing myself for my morning bungee jump that was looming ever closer by the second!

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