18 May, 2013

Birthday brunch {The MED, Media One hotel, Dubai Media City)

Having not had a birthday in Dubai for the last three years, I was slightly lost when thinking of how to celebrate it. Did I want a small dinner or a big night out... or both, or neither? It probably didn't help that I am the most indecisive person in the world, especially in insignificant matters. In the end my girl friends made my mind up for me and we decided to do everything, adding up to 4 events in total!

1. Thursday lunch at Urban cafe in Dubai Media City with my wonderful colleagues
2. Evening drinks at the ever-glamorous Calabar in The Address Downtown
3. Boozy Friday brunch at The MED, Media One hotel
4. Partying at Blue Marlin beach club, straight after brunch

The good thing about having a few occasions planned was that I was able to fit in different friend groups, as there was something for everyone to enjoy. I took my camera to brunch, so here are a few snaps of our fabulous time there...

I've been to a fair few Friday brunches in my 18 years here (its a phenomenon wholly ingrained in Dubai expat culture) and would definitely recommend this one. We chose The MED because it's  mid-range in price at 340dhs (£61) each, for all-you-can-eat-and-drink, relative to the low-end Double Decker and high-end Al Qasr.

It's advertised as Mediterranean themed but to be honest they seemed to serve a selection of everything from king prawns, to sushi, to beef wellington and even pizza and popcorn. The cheese selection isn't as extensive as at Bubbalicious brunch, but it was totally satisfactory for us. The mojitos were also a great highlight! 

Aside from the food and drink, there is a really great atmosphere at The MED, minus the slightly strange acrobatic acts smattered in throughout the afternoon! They also ran a raffle and my friend Lorna ended up winning a ridiculous prize - a pink Hummer limousine, with champagne included, for her and 10 friends to enjoy next ladies night! Now that's going to be a hilarious experience.

I wore a green dress from Mango (self-customised with gold studded details)

At 4pm the brunch ends but, instead of kicking you out, the staff give you a voucher for a free drink and redirect you outside to the pool bar on the deck, which is a really lovely place to chill and steady yourself. However, for us, the debauchery was only just beginning and we rushed off to Blue Marlin. If you can't do it on your birthday when can you, right?

And lastly, these are the gorgeous white roses and Kate Spade bangles that my friends bought for me, what babes. 

So there you have it! What a wonderful weekend. I loved every minute of it but, I have to say, I'm quite glad it's over and I can finally get a good night's sleep! Conclusion made, though: Dubai is a spectacular place to celebrate your birthday in an over-the-top, spectacular manner! Well, naturally.

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