20 May, 2013

Buckled block heel sandals {Today, tomorrow, one day}

If you know me well or have been reading my blog for a while, you've probably realised that I'm quite the bargain hunter. If I could afford it, I would totally go for the high-end version every time but, as a recent grad, I'm driven to find better value options. I'm a firm believer that you don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous, it's how you put an outfit together that makes you fashionable. And on the flip side, just think about how many people (especially in Dubai) buy the most expensive designer clothing but wear it all wrong and end up looking horrendous. Fashion is much more of an even playing ground than we think.

So, case in point, just because my student lifestyle wouldn't allow me to purchase these gorgeous Givenchy chunky heels last summer (they were over $900 originally but are now available for $455 on yoox.com), it doesn't mean that I can't still rock the look. The great thing about fashion is that it inevitably trickles downstream from catwalk to high street; numerous similar styles are now banging around on the web and in the malls. Tough gladiator sandals (both heeled and flat) should form an essential part of your SS'13 wardrobe so get out there and start looking for your perfect pair, you're honestly spoilt for choice.

These beauties from Whistles are a relative bargain in themselves but, at an even better price, the pair from Glamorous were too hard to resist. I initially spotted them in an outfit post on Amybell the Magpie and I think I have to agree with her: they are absolute game-changers. I bought them in both black and white and can't image wearing any outfit without them in the near future! Dubai shoppers are in luck, too, because international shipping costs only a meagre £1.99 and my order arrived in 15 days (not bad, quicker than ASOS!). 

So, what I'm trying to say is, be prepared to see a lot of them in upcoming outfit posts!

UPDATE: River Island also have a couple of very similar pairs... see here and here (sold out in black online but still available in store in Dubai).

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