08 May, 2013

Easy peasy chunky guacamole

Avocados must be the most photogenic food on the planet. 
Every time I make guacamole, there's a second of hesitation before I destroy their perfect symmetry by mushing them up! But guac is so delicious it has to be worth the aesthetic discomfort.

I always feel a bit awkward doing recipe posts, as I am by no means an expert chef, but the internet has spurred on a "cult of amateurs", which I'm not exempt from, nor resisting. However, in an attempt to counter the stilted jargon of "first pour this, then mix that, next add a pinch of this", I've turned to silly, strategically placed, fonts to explain my method...

Like I said, easy peasy! If you've got any lying around, add some fresh coriander too, it makes all the difference! I really think the the best thing about guacamole is that you can have as a side with pretty much any meal, not just Mexican. Today I just dolloped it on top of Ryvita for a light, after work snack. Delicious.

Aren't these bowls gorgeous? I bought them from a market in Zambia, wish I could have fit more in my suitcase!

Anyway, there's my basic cooking skills for you, let me know if you've got any more adventurous guac recipes for me to try!

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