23 May, 2013

Paul Mitchell spray wax {Product review}

My mum bought this product a couple of years ago and, as daughters do, I "borrowed" it to try it out. As you can probably guess, she never got it back. 

I usually use it once my hair is styled - either curly or straight - and, unlike normal hairspray, it leaves my hair with natural movement and texture, whilst still holding it's shape. I really hate the stiff crispiness that you sometimes get with hairspray so this is a great alternative. Also, if you have fine hair like me, this product is wonderful because it instantly gives your hair some much-needed volume, especially if you turn your head upside down and spray the roots underneath (try it, trust me!). 

I also use this spray wax when I've just washed my hair and want to put it into an up-do. I don't know about you, but my hair is the least well-behaved when it's just washed; it's too clean and smooth and just slips out of any clips or ties. A spritz of dry shampoo at the roots is my go-to product to get a bit of lift and make my clean hair "stick" better, but I often get annoyed at it's powdery-ness. So, instead, I'll mist my hair with Paul Mitchell's spray wax and it gives me the almost dirty texture needed to create a good up-do.

Just be careful not to get carried away, too much spray and your hair will be weighed down and greasy. Only a gentle all-over spritz is needed and you're good to go!

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