05 May, 2013

Sunlight on Sunday

Last week was an awful week. I had no idea how hard it would be to settle back into working life after a two-week break. Up until now I've been used to university holidays, which are so long that by the end you're almost itching to start studying again, just for a change of scene. But two weeks an awkward amount of time; its neither long enough to miss being productive, nor short enough for you to remain in work-mode throughout.
The upshot of all this is that I felt quite disgruntled all through last week, and reliving my holiday on this blog probably didn't help!

There's nothing a detox weekend can't cure though, and today I'm felt very cheerful and optimistic. And why shouldn't I... it's May, it's my birthday month, I left work on time, the sun was still shining outside and a camera was at hand. 

There was no rationale behind this photo shoot other than I thought the light looked pretty and it would be a shame not to.
My outfit isn't really very special, someone at work just said that the dress looked slightly 20s style (I don't think it does) so when I got home I just threw on the pearl beads to complement that vibe. 

[The dress/tunic is H&M old collection (similar here and here, or you could DIY this plain one), my heels aren't in stock anymore either, unfortunately, but are French Connection (similar here and here) and the necklaces are from here there and everywhere.]

So here's to a good week ahead!

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