04 May, 2013

Zambia - Day 8 {Baby lions and final thoughts}

This time last week was my last day in African paradise, and how better to spend it than playing with baby lions! 
(Well, they were advertised as baby lions but they were 7 months old and bigger than my dog!)

These adorable little beasts are kept on a family farm that breed lions and looked after rescued ones, to eventually be released into the wild again. These two males are being kept tame, though (or as tame as lions can be!), so they aren't fed live meat and are exposed to human contact every day. The two girls on the farm basically spend every day playing with them, what a great life!

I came away with a couple of scratches but nothing more serious, and it was totally worth it to spend a couple of hours playing around with these gorgeous cats.

So that's it! No more Zambia posts from me. 

As you can undoubtedly tell, I totally fell in love with the country; it was my first time in the continent but definitely won't be my last. During one our long car journeys, I came to the conclusion that I want to live somewhere like Zambia later in life, when I've had my fill of big cities, pretty things and fabulous parties. I never used to be a big believer in making life plans - I was more of a "take it as it comes, I'm sure it'll work out" type - but that's changed recently (probably having a quarter-life crisis or something, no big deal). That being said, I've always had this vision of me playing with four little bare-footed kiddies on a tropical beach day by day, so maybe this new plan isn't too out of character!

Anyway, goodbye for now Africa, see ya again soon.

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