01 June, 2013

Once-a-week hair treatment by Joico {Product review}

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I try to take some time every Saturday to pamper and beautify (i.e. rectify some of the damage that is caused by working hard and playing harder), and I thought I'd share with you one of the core products in my weekly regime. 

I recently changed hairdressers and my new lady, Vera, was slightly horrified by the condition of my hair. It's relatively infrequent that I style it with hot curlers or straighteners but I do have thin, breakable hair, so I've realised that I need to start taking better care of it! Vera recommended this product, K-Pak reconstucting treatment by Joico (available to buy on Amazon) and it's instantly become part of my Saturday ritual. 

The pack says that you only need to leave the cream on for 5 minutes, after shampooing, but I find its so much more effective if you leave the treatment on for half an hour. What I do is: wash my hair as normal, roughly towel-dry it, squeeze a dollop of the cream into my palm and spread it through my hair, concentrating on the roots. I then brush my hair gently with a comb, wrap it up in a turban towel and find something else to do - usually something just as stereotypically girly, like painting my nails, or exfoilating - for half an hour, before rinsing it out. 

I've tried a few other hair repair treatments but this one is the best so far as it does what it says on the tin but also doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy, which is always a worry of mine! Apparently it's great for all hair types - my mum has super curly frizzy hair and she uses the whole product range - so I'd definitely recommend giving it a go. 

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