18 June, 2013

Spontaneously scooting off to Scandinavia

Image Des

Striped crop top: River Island
Cigarette pants: ZARA
Knitted jumper: Mango
Denim shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
Cut out boots: DIY (tutorial coming soon)

So I'm flying away to the far-off land of Scandinavia tonight! First stop: Stockholm, second stop: Copenhagen. Like most other Dubai residents, I'm keen to escape to chillier climes at every possible opportunity, so I  wasn't about to spend my lovely ten day break (between moving jobs) sweating it out in the 40°C heat! Just the thought of switching my sandals for ankle boots, and being able to layer my outfits again, was enough to get me scouring the internet for flights. The photographs above show a few of the items being thrown into my suitcase this morning (they may look neat and tidy but, trust me, the rest of my room was not!) and will undoubtedly appear in my holiday outfit posts - how refreshing to mix up my fashion photos with a European backdrop, and not to have beads of sweat trickling down my forehead in every picture!

Aside from the cool weather, and the fashion opportunities that come with it, though, I am seriously looking forward to discovering a whole new part of the world - one that I knew hardly anything about two weeks ago! I've done my research since then, though, and my laptop history is now full of cringe-worthy google searches for "hidden treasures" and "bohemian areas", whilst my iPhone is overloaded with travel apps promising to show me how to "live like a local". Inevitably, I'm sure nothing will go as planned, and I won't visit half of the places that I have scribbled down in my notebook, but the anticipation and meticulous preparation is half of the fun of travelling, isn't it! 

I'm having a laptop-free, wifi-limited break so check on my Instagram uploads if you want to follow my trip, and I'll update you in detail on my return. Scandi, bring it on!

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