15 July, 2013

An optimistic sunset

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Shorts - Monki
Top - Cotton On
Shoes - Topshop (sold out, but similar here and here)
Bag - Zara
Sunglasses - Monki
Floral crown - DIY

Dubai isn't very pleasant at this time of year. The heat is almost suffocating (think sunglasses fogging up from the humidity and steering wheels that are too hot to touch) so, unsurprisingly, many of the city's residents flit off on vacation to less scorching climates. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left in this ghost town, enviously flicking through photos of our friends and family enjoying the "freak heatwave" in London or the "summer storms" in New York, which, really, look positively glorious in comparison. 

The only thing to be done is see the summer through and focus on some of the good things that come along with it. Empty shopping malls; a chance to detox; the amusement provided by bewildered men trawling the supermarkets, left to fend by themselves by their holiday-ing wives. 

Not to be forgotten on my list of "happy thoughts", though, are Ramadan hours. Most companies reduce their working day by at least two hours, which, for those of us who aren't fasting, are an absolute treat. Two extra hours in the day be productive, exercise... or simply go to the beach and watch the sunset! And, just like that, things don't seem so bad anymore.

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  1. Found your blog on Glipho and so happy I did! Your outfit is adorable and I am totally loving the flower head piece :)


  2. Thanks so much, Jennie, your blog is lovely too! x