26 August, 2013

Desert Rose Diary on Facebook

Good news, I have just published a Facebook page for my blog, which you can find here!
I've been thinking about creating it for a while but have hesitated for a number of reasons:

  1. I spend my days coming up with social media strategies for other people and so have, unfortunately, neglected the optimisation of my own!
  2. I have previously relied on Bloglovin' as my blog reader of choice but, whilst Bloglovin' is wonderful (I'm personally a massive fan),  I realise that it's more convenient for most people to keep everything in one place i.e. the omnipresent Facebook. This way, you won't need to stray far from your newsfeed to find out that I've blogged. 
  3. On the flip side, whilst there is obvious merit in a Facebook page offering instant blog updates, I was reluctant to launch the blog on a new platform only to disseminate the same content. Yes, it is essentially another touchpoint, but it can be so much more than that. Facebook will allow me to share quick tips, wonderful finds from across the web, recommendations of other bloggers to follow and events you should attend - all things that I'd love to show you but that don't quite warrant a full blog post for themselves! 
  4. And, lastly, if you've ever created a page yourself, you'll know that Facebook demands categorisation... are you a brand, a location, a celebrity or a community? Where does a humble lifestyle blogger fit in there? Both the necessity to fit into one of these categories and the daunting connotations of the word 'fans' caused me to shy away from embracing this platform. But, it's many faults aside, I can't deny Facebook's utility in connecting you to me and me to you... I mean, that is the essence of Facebook's mission statement after all, isn't it.
So, perhaps inevitably, the page has been created. Like it, if you like it.

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