23 September, 2013

Comptoir 102

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I have found my new favourite place in Dubai. Comptoir 102 serve the healthiest food in the city, sell the most beautiful jewellery, accessories and homewares and also host some of the most interesting workshops and talks. What's not to like!

A concept store and cafe, located in an unassuming Jumeirah villa, Comptoir 102 stands out among the mêlée of bland, pretentious establishments and brings something truly unique to Dubai. It is the brainchild of two gorgeous French ladies, Alex and Emma, who can always be found helping customers and chatting to regulars, adding the personal touch of customer service that is a rare find in this city! I could easily spend a whole day here but a morning breakfast meeting (and quick peruse of the store) had to suffice...

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I ordered the Creme Budwig, which, like all of the other dishes, was gluten-free, dairy-free and supremely nutritious. Topped with a generous portion of berries and served with a blueberry and banana smoothie on the side - I was in heaven. My colleagues, meanwhile, ordered the buckwheat pancakes with eggs and avocado, which was also delicious. The culinary theme at Comptoir is simple goodness and, whilst the portions do seem small, this just makes you think that our normal portions are just unnecessarily large! Even if Comptoir 102 didn't offer so much more than a cafe, I would unquestionably still go back just for the food. The wonderful Chef Chris is my new hero.

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Once finished with our breakfast meeting, we obviously couldn't resist having a little browse around the store. Comptoir explain the story behind their concept as, "the pleasure of travelling to unearth little treasures and share the rare, the exquisite, the delicate and the confidential creations in interior design, art or fashion accessories". It is a haven for everything beautiful and rustic, from espadrilles, to delicate gold jewellery, to stationery, to leather boots and hand-woven bags, to cushions, gold leaf wallpaper and novelty lamps! If I had to choose just one store to shop at for the rest of my life it would probably be this one!

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Have you visited Comptoir 102 yet? If not, take my word for it and put it on your to-do list!

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