01 September, 2013

Sunday smoothie

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It's a Sunday and it's September, if that's not reason enough to make a smoothie I don't know what is! I recently visited Sophie's Cafe and they served the most phenomenal juices and smoothies, my favourite of which had to be this concoction named 'Minty Green'. In fact, I loved it so much that I bought all of the ingredients and whisked it up myself at home! This is the perfect drink to complement my 2-week detox and health rampage that is totally necessary and about to begin...

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It was a bit of a 'trial and error' process with the quantities, but in the end I used: 2 bananas, a handful of baby spinach leaves, a handful of mint leaves, and small glass of almond milk. Just throw everything into a blender, along with some ice cubes of you want it cold, mix it up until smooth and top it up with more milk until it reaches a consistency you're happy with. I know the spinach might be off-putting, I was unsure about it too, but I promise you don't even taste it - the sweetness of the almond milk balances out any bitterness, whilst the banana and mint complement each other perfectly. Enjoy!

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