23 January, 2014

Vintage clothes & flower crowns

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Blogging in bed, with a cup of tea and Laduree macaroons, won out over drinks last night and I finally made the time to sort through the reams of photos I've taken recently. This collection are from last Saturday at The Market of Everything in Safa park, an event organised by The Archive Library & Cafe, where I set up shop for the day. Whilst the vintage clothes and bags were a hit - everything from Levi's cutoffs, to a silk Moschino skirt, to leather satchels - the real surprise lay the popularity of my fresh flower crowns! Vintage Bloom very kindly provided me with the gorgeous flowers and I enlisted some friends (who I don't think quite knew what they were getting themselves into!) to help me craft personalised crowns throughout the day. Word spread across the market and within a couple of hours there were flower-adorned heads dotted all around the park, nudging their friends my way. I hardly had time to eat, drink or sit down but it was one of the lovliest days I've had in a long time - sunshine, friends, vintage and flowers... all ingredients for my dream day! 

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I'll keep you updated on any similar events that I'll be at in the future, I could definitely make a habit of this!

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